March 16, 2012


I look forward to Fridays soo much and I'm glad its here because it is looking like a fabulous weekend! Temperatures have already been hitting the low 80's here in the Lowcountry and we are headed back to the lake this weekend. Last week, my mom was in town and we took her out to Short Stay, the Naval Recreation Area, on Lake Moultrie. S is participating with the Sailing Club on base and has been taking sailing lessons. He is good friends with the instructor, who agreed to give me lessons on the side, so we are all about sailing lately. I REALLY enjoy Short Stay anyway; it's basically an RV park, but you can also tent-camp there as well as rent out cabins and villas (condos, basically) right on the water, cookout, hang on the beach, rent boats, etc. I love going to the beach and hanging here in Charleston, but it is nice to get away from here sometimes.

Here are a couple pictures from last weekend's trip :)

Brunch with my mom..pecan-encusted french toast, YUM!

Being a tourist in my own city...Downtown Charleston

A few weeks ago, S and I took an overnight trip to Savannah, GA, which is about 2 hours away. We stayed at an amazing bed & breakfast, The McMillan Inn. I highly recommend it! Here are a few pics:

S and I on the pier at nearby Tybee Island

The McMillan Inn

So that is a little look into my life through pictures. I have a lot more sailing pics, but haven't uploaded them to my computer yet, plus I'm sure I'll take a lot more this weekend.

We are quite the busy bees over the next couple months. When S gets off duty tomorrow morning we have a couple more things to move into storage then we are headed straight to Short Stay for the day. Next weekend, we are planning a whole weekend trip to Short Stay, Friday and Saturday. The following weekend, we are registered for the Cooper River Bridge Run, which is an annual 10K here in Charleston; its a huge event with 40,000+ runners. We were training pretty religiously for a while, but when my seasonal allergies/sinus infection kicked in last week, that all got put on hold. This has been a busy week with me moving and everything so we have been bad about working out :( Yesterday, however, I left work early for a doctor's appointment then, since it was still pretty early, we went to the driving range to hit a few golf balls then played 9 holes. The weather was perfect, but the bugs are definitely back out in full effect.

S is going to meet his family in Florida the first week of April (I'm not going because I don't get as much leave as him and I'd rather save it for this summer when his fam comes to Charleston to visit). We are going to Kentucky the first weekend in May for the Derby and then we are headed to Connecticut to see my family over Memorial Day weekend (this will be the first time that S will meet my dad & brother and probably many other family members and friends). I am super excited for all of our upcoming plans. I have to admit, while I do want kids, it sure is nice to have the freedom right now to do whatever we want. I guess we should take advantage of it while we can!

March 6, 2012

Waiting on my Sailor..

S is meeting me at work and we are going to grab dinner out tonight.. I still have about 30 min. until he gets here so update time it is!

This past weekend was pretty uneventful. I was feeling under the weather so I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted plus it rained so that never helps. The only thing I did so far was go through my dressers and closets and put aside a LOT of stuff to bring to Goodwill. I am moving into a two bedroom apartment upstairs from me with a roommate and I have to be out of my apartment by March 15. I decided that it does not make sense to spend the amount of money that I spend every month for a one-bedroom apartment that I hardly ever stay at. S lives about 2 miles away from me and we usually stay at his place (even though I kinda like mine better). I actually found this new apartment on Craigslist, however, I did find out that the girl is a friend of a friend and completely normal, which is comforting. Turns out her boyfriend also lives very close by and she spends most of her time at his place so it works out great for both of us. I'm kind of looking forward to moving in with a roommate though and having a little bit bigger place.

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