December 26, 2018

Our new adventure!

We finally decided to see a new infertility specialist in May for a second opinion. We just were not getting the results that we wanted and I wasn't feeling good about how things were going. We had three cancelled IUIs and I just found that to be unacceptable considering the amount of money were were spending on medication, etc.

We saw Dr. Conway in May and she ended up cancelling what was to be our first IUI under her. I was disappointed once again, but at least we had some more information this time around. She had decided to cancel because she found my lining to be too thick on CD2. She prescribed ten days of Provera and a repeat HSG since my previous one was at least 2+ years ago.

We got everything done that she recommended and were given a go to start injections at the beginning of my next cycle in June. 

Thankfully this woman knows her stuff because it WORKED! On July 6, I took a pregnancy test and found out that we were finally pregnant. So exciting!

20 week anatomy scan.

That was FIVE months ago and today I am exactly 28 weeks. Our baby BOY is due March 20, 2019 and we cannot wait to meet him! We are headed out in a few days for a family moon/ baby moon to southern California and I just know that once we get back, time is going to FLY.

With this being said, I look forward to sharing more from our baby journey and being a mom. We have also been thinking about next year and planning some trips and I cannot wait to share all of this with you all! I've got lots on my mind and hope to put it all into words soon. Thank you all for following along and for all of your sweet words and warm wishes!!

March 8, 2018

IUI Update..

Unfortunately, the IUI last month did not work.

We have moved on to a new cycle and are doing the same medication protocol with Femara and Gonal-F injections. 

I had an ultrasound this morning that showed two potential follicles, 18mm and 13mm. My doctor suggested doing one more Gonal injection tomorrow and then having a repeat scan on Saturday. 

I guess once he gets my results from Saturday, we will decide the next steps. I'm hoping for an IUI on Monday.

When we were in Hawaii, we were so unbelievably fortunate that we had access to a military hospital that had infertility specialists on staff and were able to do all of our scans, procedures, blood work, etc. Now that we are in Idaho and nowhere near a MTF that does this, we have to work with what we do have.

There are no infertility specialists that reside in our area so we are at the mercy of a doctor from Utah that has an office here. He only comes up for a couple weeks at a time and it's not always on our schedule. We have been working in conjunction with my OB/GYN's office and they have been helping with the ultrasounds and the actual IUI procedures. My RE basically just manages my medications and calls the shots. It can be really frustrating though.

I am thankful that we still have the opportunity to work with an RE, but I definitely took for granted the ease of having everything done all in one place.

February 13, 2018

Journey to Baby H #2.

If you’ve been reading my blog for the last couple years (I know there isn’t always that much to read), you may know about our infertility story and what the journey was like to conceive our son.

We always knew that we wanted more kids and we were really hoping that #2 would come a lot easier. After actively trying again for several months, we decided to consult with a new RE and get the ball rolling since it didn’t look like it was going to happen naturally again.

We tried a couple months of Clomid and timed intercourses, but that didn’t work. The next step was to go straight to what worked when we got pregnant with Caden - FSH injections and IUI.

Our new doctor recommended using Femara in conjunction with FSH injections so that was to be our next step.

Last month, we got all the prescriptions lined up and when it came time to schedule the IUI, we found through an ultrasound that I had possibly ovulated already. We decided to cancel the IUI since it would be pointless to do it at that point. I was really bummed since we had been trying to get to the point where we could try IUI again since October/ November. 

After last month’s mishap, we decided to try the same medication protocol and schedule the ultrasound earlier so we could stay on top of things. I’m happy to say that the timing worked out much better and we are scheduled to do our first IUI for baby #2 on Thursday.

I’m praying that the timing is better this month and that what worked before will work again! Please send lots of prayers and positive thoughts.<3
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