June 14, 2012

New post!

I always feel like I should have pictures when I'm about to write a new post, oh wait...I do have pics yay! I almost forgot that I do indeed have pictures from out CT trip. I have additional pictures from the wedding we went to a couple weekends ago, but I keep forgetting to charge my camera so I can upload to my computer.

Some time has passed since I last posted. We had a great trip to NYC and Connecticut. S loved my family and they loved him right back. I can't help but wonder if he had a little chat with my pops, but I guess I'll leave that as a surprise. Speaking of my parents, they just bought a condo in Port St. Lucie, Fl, which I am very excited about because I will have free reign (and a key) to visit any time I want! I am planning on spending a week there with them in September, can't wait! It's also nice because since it's only 8 hours away, we can drive instead of having to buy two plane tickets. You would never think it would be SO expensive to fly from Charleston to pretty much anywhere in Florida. Crazy.

Hmm, what else is new...

I posted a little while back about how S and I started attending Seacoast Church here in Charleston, I really love it, however, S is a little on the fence because it's such a big church. He said that no one ever talks to us. My response is that we never stick around long enough to meet/talk to anyone! A couple weeks ago, I saw on the church's email newsletter that a couple about our age was starting a 20/30-something life group and I thought, that is just what we need! It was the most perfect thing and great timing. It is just a casual almost social group that gets together every week at the couple's house. We went last night for the first time and I really enjoyed it. We got to meet about four or five other couples and a couple singles as well :) Everyone was very friendly and I'm looking forward to getting to know each person there. The group isn't very structured; there is no required reading or workbooks or anything like that. Just a group of peeps who are around the same stages in their lives who can get together and hang out and maybe chat once in a while if there is anything heavy on their hearts. I'm looking forward to many more gatherings and now S will finally have some people he knows to stop and talk to at church.

The next big exciting thing, not sure if I already mentioned it, but S and I are taking that next BIG step and moving in together. I am currently living with a roommate and his brother just moved out of his apartment, leaving plenty of space for all my things! It doesn't make any sense financially for us to both pay rent. We are both 30 years old and we know that we will be married in the very near future so I don't see anything wrong with is (and I don't think anyone else should.) I have been soliciting everyone at work for all their boxes so I can get packing this weekend. I can't wait!

I just realized that I never really posted any pics from our Kentucky trip from earlier in May so here we go!

While in Kentucky, we hiked at Red River Gorge up the Natural Bridge, it was pretty awesome. As you'll notice, we had quite a bit of rainy/overcast spring weather on both of our trips..

S's new truck that we picked up in Kentucky!

It was Military Appreciation Night at S's little brother's baseball game :)

A couple weeks after we visited KY, S's grandma and grandpa came down to Charleston to visit us. We showed them around and played tourists in our own town. Here are some pics from a carraige ride that we took them on.

The next day, we took them on the ferry out to Fort Sumter.

The weekend after the grandparents left, we hopped a plane to NYC and visited CT, too! S was dying to go to the Carnagie Deli and here is his giant sandwich, he killed that thing by the way.

Rainy day in Times Square.

My favorite bakery EVER, Crumbs. It is seriously cuppie cake heaven.

The Statue of Liberty from Battery Park.

Once in CT, we took a little trip down to the shore. We stopped at Sub Base New London and toured the submarine museum and USS Nautilus. I have no idea how S does it, but I could never spend days and days beneath the sea on one of those things!

 I promised S a trip to the casino (where he won $1200 playing blackjack!)

 And he got his lobster dinner that he couldn't stop talking about :p

On our last day in town, we visited my friends, Shay and Mike, and my goddaughter Maddie. Here she is with the little Carolina Girl t-shirt I bought her :)

I miss her, can't wait to visit again!

On my parents' doorstep, just about to leave for the airport to head back to Charleston.

Trips home always go by too fast and there is never enough time to do everything I want to do. Can't wait to get back home and visit again, but until then, I am always having fun in the sun in SC<3

June 7, 2012

Thanks to Karina over at Mr. and Mrs. Powell, I must have this!

{via Best Buy}

I can't get over the quality of pictures that it takes. I knew I shouldn't have let S talk me into that Sony even though I've always been a Canon girl! :p

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June 6, 2012


I don't know why I was thinking that I already posted about our NY/CT trip already, I guess I should look at my own blog more often :p I have lots of pics and fun things to post about, maybe later this afternoon I will have time....or tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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