29 February 2012

Lucky girl... for now.

I've been reading through a lot of other military wife/ Navy wife blogs and I know now for sure that I should consider myself very lucky. I'm lucky that I met S while on shore-duty and at the very beginning of it at that. We will have a good while to be together before we have to deal with the pain of him leaving. I almost feel a little guilty knowing that there are so many wives/girlfriends out there who have never had that much time at home with their significant other. To all those girls, hang in there! The best is yet to come!

On a happier note, S and I will be attending the Submarine Birthday Ball this year at the end of April here in Charleston. I'm SUPER excited for an excuse to get dressed up and to be out with him in his dress whites :) I bought a dress recently from Ann Taylor, but I'm starting to have second thoughts about it. S has been in the Navy all this time, but this will be the first ball that he attends. He told me "cocktail attire", but what do guys know about that??! I googled photos from past Naval Balls, etc. and I see a lot of long, more formal dresses. My mom is going to be in town visiting next week so I told her that we might have to do some dress shopping.

Here is the dress that I recently bought:

I'm thinking about going with these shoes (or maybe the shoes in the dress pic?):

I was thinking about wearing pearls with the outfit. Anyone have any ball tips or suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated!

27 February 2012

Kentucky for the weekend!

Friday, February 24, 2012:
Checking in from th U.S. Naval Weapons Station, waiting for S to get off work. From here, we are driving up to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky to see his mamaw and papaw for the weekend. It's his papaw's 80th birthday next week and his whole family will be in town to celebrate.

Fast-Forward to today.

Monday, February 27, 2012:
I am exhausted after our whirlwind trip to Kentucky. It took us 7 hours to get there and 7 hours to get back. We were only actually there for about 36 hours. It was worth it though. We had a really nice, "surprise" birthday party for papaw, catered with typical Southern cuisine that included fried chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, mac n cheese, cole slaw, biscuits, etc., etc., etc. I also love when his mamaw makes eggs and biscuits & gravy for breakfast. I love that Southern food, however, I feel like all the working out I did last week was completely negated. Time to get back on track!

In Charleston, there is so much to do that is based around eating and drinking, I am finding it very hard to lose weight these days. A couple weekends ago was the Lowcountry Oyster Festival, which I believe is the largest oyster festival in the country and this weekend we are going to be attending the Charleston Wine & Food Festival. If you are ever stationed here in Charleston, you will never run out of things to do. I will save my Charleston "must-do" and "to-do" lists for another day!

So as I mentioned, we had a 7 hour dirve, both ways and one of the things I love about driving in the car with S is that we always manage to entertain ourselves for that long without any music. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge music-lover, but we always have so much to talk about that we didn't need to resort to that. We talked a lot more about the future; where we might end up, where we would like to end up, and what it would be like for me. I told him that I am really nervous because he is always telling me that Navy wives can be such terrible people sometimes (I think this is just coming from his past experience). I believe that there MUST be some normal girls out there, that one day, I will be able to relate to and become friends with. He said that they are not all that bad and it is a good support system. I was starting to get really nervous thinking that if we end up somewhere far away, I'm not going to have anyone to be friends with! He assured me that would not be true and that it would be really hard to get homesick living somewhere like Hawaii. I think that no matter what, my first instinct is going to be to try and find a job on base. I want to work with the Sailors and their families anyway, and work would be a good distraction for me. Although when I asked him what I would do if we moved to Hawaii, he replied with, "just hang out" or "you could just surf all day". Oh geez...

One perk that he told me about this weekend is that, at times, when he is underway and gets word that they will be pulling into a foreign port (ie. Italy), he would be able to let me know to buy a plane ticket and meet him there. I was not expecting that, but how amazing! Apparently, he has had friends on the boat that have done that before with their wives. I guess I better get over my fear of flying because something like that is not going to be a short flight!

Okay, I am cutting this post off right here as it is quite a bit longer than I had intended. I could go on to write a storybook sometimes.

The end.

22 February 2012

A little more about me.

Like I said, I don't feel like I'm your typical Navy Girlfriend and maybe that's why I decided to start this blog. I know that there are a lot of other girls that have similar blogs, but many of them are about making babies and being stay-at-home moms. Young girls that married their high school sweethearts and followed them wherever the Navy took them. Me, I'm 30. S is 30 and has been in the Navy for 9 years. We've both been in serious relationships in the past and a little further into the game than most.

S has many friends in the Navy who have been married and divorced, two or three times over. I've never been married and although he has, I am not looking for a relationship like most people he knows. I'm old enough to know better and know what I'm getting myself into. I know its going to be hard and I know it will be a struggle sometimes, but in the end it will only make us stronger.

I am originally from Connecticut, born and raised. I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a B.A. in Sociology in 2004 and completed my MBA in 2009. I have been working in Higher Education since I finished grad school. Mostly in Admissions, but I recently landed a state job at the local community college. Although I'm still only considered a contract employee, I'm hoping to be hired full-time permanent very soon. I am hoping that with my education and background, I will be able to work for the Navy some day as a civilian or at least be able to find work wherever we may end up. I definitely want to have kids and soon hopefully, however, I definitely feel the need to work until then and then I'll see where life takes me. I would like to continue in my career, but if I need to spend more time at home with the babies than I am okay with that, too.

We have been taking it slow in our relationship, taking into consideration the events that happened in the not-so-distant past. I know that S will only be in Charleston for so long and although I absolutely love this place, I will go wherever he goes. Before the end of his contract, he will have to go back out to sea again. He seems to think that there is a pretty good chance that he will be on a boat out of Kings Bay, GA. He also thinks that we can maintain a home in Charleston while he spends time in GA as needed. I wouldn't say that I am compeltely opposed to moving to GA though. We shall see.

So that is my story in a nutshell. I'm hoping to connect with other girlfriend/wives like myself. So if you are out there, feel free to say hello!

Not your typical Navy Girlfriend..

I would like to start off this blog by saying that I don't think I'm your typical Navy Girlfriend.

My sailor, S, and I have been together for 13 months. We met at the beginning of 2011 when we were both new to the Charleston Area. I had moved here because I had forever wanted to move somewhere south, sunny, and warm. I had friends that had relocated here after attending college with me at the University of Connecticut and what better place to go than somewhere where you already have a great circle of friends.

S had spent the last five years doing his submarine tour in Washington State. Recently divorced and looking for a new start, he moved to Charleston for shore-duty. He is loving life on shore and his new job as an instructor at the Naval Nucleur Power Training Command (NNPTC) on the Naval Weapons Station here in Charleston.

I won't say that our relationship has been perfect - we've had our ups and downs, but in the end we love each other unconditionally and I am ready to take on whatever the Navy throws at me.
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